Friday, June 8, 2018

Calculate Child Support in Utah

After going through a divorce, you will be faced with many arrangements that have to be made with your spouse. One of them is child support.

In Utah, the law states that both parents have to be able to sustain their children financially. In order to determine the amount to be paid, many factors are taken into consideration:
  • Total gross income of both parents

  • The number of children

  • Custody agreements

Listed below are some guidelines that will help you understand how child support is calculated in Utah, and everything that is taken into consideration before a final decision is made by the court.

The Income

The first thing that is taken into consideration when calculating child support is the income of both parents. We are talking about a gross income, one that includes:

  • Salary
  • Capital gain
  • Rent
  • Social security benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
All sources of income are taken into consideration, except:
  • Welfare benefits
  • General assistance
  • Housing subsidies
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Calculating the Child Support

Utah State Legislature has a “formula” which is used to calculate child support payments. The following things are taken into consideration when determining the amount of child support:

  • Financial needs of the child
  • Daycare, insurance, special needs
  • Needs and income of the parent who received custody
  • The income and ability of the supporting parent
  • Child’s living standard before and after a divorce

Once the amount is set by the court, there could be a few adjustments over time. The following is taken into consideration before these adjustments are made:
  • The living standard of the parent
  • Relative wealth and income of the parent
  • Ability to earn income (the paying parent)
  • Ability to earn income (the receiving parent)
  • In case of an incapacitated child, his/her ability to earn income. Also, disability benefits are taken into consideration
  • Needs of both parents and their children
  • Is there a spouse support involved?
  • The age of both parents

Once everything is carefully investigated and confirmed, child attorney can be reduced or increased, depending on the conditions.

Child Support Order Changes

Finally, the court can decide whether or not to change or modify the child support order. In order for any change to take place, the other party has to provide evidence of change in circumstances. Here are the most common changes that may take place after a modification:
  • Either parent’s job change
  • Receipt of an additional income
  • Increased living costs
  • Disability
  • Child’s increased needs
Sometimes, the court can issue temporary modifications, under the following circumstances:
  • If the child has a medical emergency
  • The paying parent lost his/her job due to injury or illness
  • The hardship of the recipient parent
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