Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Most Common Causes Leading to Divorce

Some people believe that marriage is a sacred thing, the culmination of love that lasts forever. Other on the other hand believes that it is a necessary “joint partnership” so that two people can have an easier life.

Regarding your vision of marriage, you should be aware that in the United States, almost 50 percent of marriages end up with a divorce. And that is not the end of it; since 2014, the divorce rate has started to climb drastically and continues to do so even today.

Understanding the main reasons behind a divorce may help you avoid it. Here is why couples file for a divorce, and the most common causes of it.

Married To Fast

Getting married too soon will increase the chances of a divorce. Many people don’t give each other a chance to show their real habits, life plans, or focus on their career. After getting married too fast, the spouses (both or one of them) may realize that they want to focus on their career or want to “live life to the fullest” before settling in. Again, the inexperience and youth are an important factor, and the majority of young couples will have an unhappy marriage or end with a divorce.

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It is no secret that cheating and marital infidelities are a major reason why people divorce. There is simply no tolerance for such behavior. In the latest research, studies have shown that almost 41 percent of people engage in some sort of emotional or physical infidelity after getting married. Also, the acts of infidelity are evenly split between the genders.

It is the number one action followed by immediate divorce.


Human beings need to constantly recharge their batteries with new things in life. They need to experience new things, see new places, feel new feelings. Otherwise, boredom is inevitable. And once boredom kicks in, things start to fall apart.
Losing interest in your partner is a clear sign of boredom, usually followed by a request for a divorce. Intimacy can atrophy, and the relationship can fade over time.

Financial Problems

According to the Family Law Attorney from Salt Lake City, another very common reason behind a divorce is the issue with the finances. If you and your spouse are having financial issues (such as debt, late mortgage payments, credit card issues), divorce may be imminent. Money is one of the main reasons why people part ways. Any disagreement over such topics can lead even the long-standing couples into the abyss of divorce. Be extremely careful when handling your marital finances, as every wrong move may be the last one you make as a married person.

Other common reasons worth mentioning are:
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Gambling issues
  • Differences in background
  • Lack of romance
  • Loss of autonomy
  • Bad communication (breakdown)

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