Sunday, October 21, 2018

5 tips of what not to do to your child during divorce

Children are the ones who usually suffer the most from a divorce. Being innocent and usually very young, they have to face life living separated from one parent. It is never their fault and they should never be in the epicenter of a divorce.

However, sometimes parents make mistakes that affect their children’s further psychological development. Here are 5 things you should avoid doing to your child during your divorce.

Send A Message

In most situations, parents try and communicate with each other through their children. They use their child as a messenger courier. “Tell your father/mother that” is the worst thing you can make your child do.

Your child has a relationship with both of you, and as parents, it is your duty to protect your child from any unnecessary exposure and involvement in your divorce. Act like an adult, and solve your problems face to face with your spouse. Don’t let your child get caught in the middle.

If your spouse did the same thing to you, contact our Family Law Attorneys and seek their legal help and guidance. With their knowledge of the situation, they will be able to help you divorce and protect your child at the same time.

Asking For Money

Never tell your child to go to the other parent asking for money. This is something many have done in the past, and when discovered, it only hurt their divorce. This is actually something that can be used against you in court; if your (ex)spouse finds out that you are trying to obtain money by falsely claiming that it is for your child’s school project or a field trip, legal actions can be taken against you. Be extremely cautious around money, and don’t maneuver your child into doing something for your own’s sake.

Telling Lies

If you are seeing someone else, don’t ask your child to keep it as a secret from your ex-spouse. Sometimes keeping the secret is the same as lying. Don’t put your child in a position where he or she will have to lie to their other parent for your own’s sake.

Being Selfish

Your child wants to have both parents in his/her life. Just because you gained custody, it doesn’t mean that you can take the other parent out of your child’s life. Plus, it is an unnatural thing to do. Your child should feel loved and cared for, and just because you have a grudge with your ex, it doesn’t mean that your child should suffer the consequences. Be a good parent, and put your child’s needs first and above all others.

If you need help with your divorce or want to try and change your custody plan, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys as early as possible

Dysfunctional Parents

Your child needs both of you, now more than ever. Attending school plays and other school activities is something both parents should do, whenever possible. Don’t be that divorced couple that sits on opposite side of the room. Instead, sit next to each other and show your child how proud you (both) are. That is what a good parent would do.

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